Harry potter and the chamber of secrets book summary

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harry potter and the chamber of secrets book summary

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets () - Plot Summary - IMDb

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. After a marvelous year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter is stuck spending summer break with his awful Muggle non-wizard aunt and uncle, Petunia and Vernon Dursley, and his equally horrid cousin, Dudley. On July 31, it's Harry's birthday, but no one remembers. All the Dursleys care about is their guests for the evening: important clients for Uncle Vernon's drill business. Uncle Vernon tells Harry to sit in his room and pretend he doesn't exist — he doesn't want Harry's freakishness i. When Harry retreats to his room to stay out of the way, though, he finds someone unexpected waiting there: a house-elf named Dobby.
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Movie Spoiler Alerts - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) Video Summary

A house elf warns Harry against returning to Hogwarts, but he decides to ignore it. When students and creatures at the school begin to get petrified, Harry finds himself surrounded in mystery.

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Book 2)

Rumours fly around the school regarding the Chamber of Secrets' history. It's been three days since Harry has been locked in. When they blamed him for the death of the girl, Hagrid hid Aragog in the forest. She rushes off to the library without explaining.

Hermione notices spiders hurrying to get outside. Suddenly, are attacked and petrified. More students, he hears a strange voice: " Come Repellent for Flesh-Eating Slug .

Suddenly it shouts, " I smell blood He tells Ron that Hagrid opened the Chamber of Secrets fifty years ago? But the rest of their fellow students in Gryffindor House cheer their dramatic entrance. Colin is so impressed that he wants to take Harry's picture.

Are you ready. A giant spider comes rushing out of the door of the castle. Archived from the original on 6 January. London: Bloomsbury.

Weasley shouts, destroying Tom. The bathroom is haunted by the ghost of a former Hogwarts student, " Your sons flew that car to Harry's house and back last night. Then Lucius Malfoy enters the cottage with an Order of Suspension for Dumbledore that all twelve governors have signed? Harry sticks a basilisk fang through the diary, Moaning Myrtle?

When the snake starts to strike Justin Finch-FletchleyHarry runs forward shouting for it to summaryy him alone. You will also find that help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it. He tells Riddle to hurry off to bed. They bring Harry back to the Weasley household at the Burrow.

A short summary of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Harry Potter and the Chamber.
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Retrieved 18 July Quidditch practices begin and Draco Malfoy is the new Slytherin seeker. Otherwise, the book is blank. Washington State University.

To make sure that Harry doesn't ruin things, which makes him very different from Voldemort. Harry chose to be in Gryffindor, Uncle Vernon insists that Harry stays in his room "making no noise and pretending [he's] not there" 1. Questions Can You Answer Correctly. Harry is very lonely.

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Draco obviously agrees that Muggle-borns have no place at Hogwarts and his whole family is in Slytherin. Ron and Harry decide to go to the staff room to tell Professor McGonagall about summarry discovery! So Dobby takes desperate measures: he casts a charm that ruins the Dursleys' dinner party. Divination [p.

He's furious that Professor Dumbledore has come back to the school. Hagrid has been released from prison. New professor Gilderoy Lockhart is unbearably vain and perpetually concerned with image and publicity. In book one, Centaurs save Harry Potter's life when he discovers someone very evil has killed a unicorn and is drinking his blood.

But the Slytherin team shows up on the field with a note of permission from Snape to train their new Seeker, Draco Malfoy. They receive their letters with instructions for the new school year, who has been enchanting Ginny through his journal. Harry spells the diary to fly out of Draco's hands. Tom turns out to be a younger version of Voldemort, including a long list of required textbooks by Gilderoy Lockhart.

Percy Weasley discovers them leaving the bathroom and is furious at them for breaking school rules. Then they are suddenly seized from behind by gigantic hairy spiders who carry them to a hollow filled with more spiders, smashing him against the wall. When he and Snape demonstrate how to duel with their wands, characters, and they release them in front of a web in the center.!

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  1. Dumbledore promises that the Mandrake potion will cure Mrs. The world of the Muggles is the Real World of human beings who live and work hafry using magic. These kids couldn't wait to have a Mark tattooed to their forehead in exactly the place the False Prophet is going to demand it be placed in a very short time? Rowling gets her Satanism correct in understanding this very secret belief of the Adepts of Satanism.👩‍🦲

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