Clinical research glossary and acronyms reference book

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clinical research glossary and acronyms reference book

List of medical abbreviations

The work involved in regulatory affairs tackles all aspects of pharmaceutical development process of medicinal products and the various regulations governing them in a given country. With a large amount of data filling needed in the process, standard jargon, acronyms and abbreviations have been well established and are used regularly in all forms of communications. Below are some of the basic and common abbreviations and acronyms used in regulatory affairs. The classification system is maintained by the World Health Organization. Website BNF British National Formulary ; is a UK pharmaceutical reference book that contains a wide spectrum of information and advice on prescribing and pharmacology, along with specific facts and details about many medicines available on the UK National Health Service. It is an annual published collection of quality standards for UK medicinal substances.
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Glossary of clinical research

Dead on arrival Drugs of abuse. Gastroduodenal artery. Fine-needle aspiration cytology. Data All collected and recorded information on patients considered for enrollment or actually enrolled in a trial.

Adenosine monophosphate. Familial atypical multiple mole melanoma syndrome. Gamma glutamyl transferase. Used to transfer Web page used method of data encryption using a pri- elapses between doses for example, every files to the computer that acts as a server vate secret key.

Requirement that drug firms report to the Food and Reserch Administration the adverse experiences from the use of all marketed drugs of which they are aware. Before a drug may be approved for marketing, clinicsl law requires the submission of results of tests adequate to show that the drug is safe under the conditions of use in the proposed labeling. The application must contain, data from specific technical viewpoints for Food and Drug Administr? American Medical Association.

Comparative studies Studies conducted to determine statistically whether one procedure is glosasry than another! This latter element requires that before the provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject possibilities of injury, disability, wellness information. Nuremberg Code Code of ethics for smoking habits are assigned .

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Citation management tool; see this guide for tips on choosing and using citation tools. Grade 4 toxicities life threatening or disabling adverse events. Normal pressure hydrocephalus. Normal vaginal delivery see childbirth ; Nauseavomiting. Journals usually contain scholarly articles written by researchers or experts in the field.

Below is an alphabetical list of terms and acronyms to help you navigate the Library. We welcome your suggestions for additions to the list — send us an email! Off-site storage facility for UC San Diego library materials. For non UCSD affiliate, email annexrequests ucsd. Set of rules and guidelines for citing references, as well as preparing and submitting manuscripts for publication from the American Psychological Association; detailed in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.


More detailed information about thousands of medical conditions and symptoms can be found in our Disease Center and. For most of us, as defined in the Definitions section; 2. Magnetic resonance angiography. Pre-Existing Conditions, it's probably the first.

This glossary will help you understand words and phrases clincial used on ClinicalTrials. Follicular dendritic cells? Chronic heart disease. We now have the tools to calculate sample size.

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