Jack and the beanstalk childrens book

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jack and the beanstalk childrens book

Jack and the Beanstalk - Short Kid Stories

Once upon a time, there lived a widow woman and her son, Jack, on their small farm in the country. Every day, Jack would help his mother with the chores - chopping the wood, weeding the garden and milking the cow. But despite all their hard work, Jack and his mother were very poor with barely enough money to keep themselves fed. We must sell our cow, Old Bess, and with the money buy enough seed to plant a good crop. I'll go into town and sell Bessy. So Jack took the cow's halter in his hand, walked through the garden gate and headed off toward town. He hadn't gone far when he met a funny-looking, old man who said to him, "Good morning, Jack.
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Jack and the beanstalk - Children's story book read aloud

Jack and the Beanstalk

Steal from someone and then kill them when they catch you. You have been brave and good! Great story. Start your review of Jack and beanstalj Beanstalk.

Alphabet Buddies. Thanks for sharing. My son is vision challenged and spends almost half the day blind … He is two. Jack creeps in to This is a classic traditional story and ultimately one of my favourites.

We are studying fairy tales. Other editions. Jack and The Beanstalk is a memorable tale because the character of Jack is very like able. We also extended the story by doing some reading and math activities.

Hi Raihan, I am not at all certain that there is a moral to this tail. Bring me an axe, bring me an axe. Creating a story of what would have happened if Jack listened to his mother. My three year old loves the stories and quotes his favourite parts.

Pictures by Sophie Green.
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Thank you Natasha this is a great. Jack takes the beans but when he arrives home without any money, his mother becomes angry and throws the beans to the ground and sends Jack to bed without supper. Then the giant began to nod his head and to snore until the house shook. Jack bit his lip, sighed and returned to the kitchen.

Jan 18, Ahmed Ejaz rated it it was amazing Shelves: short-stories, it didn't take long for Jack to get the sickly hen back in good health and the grateful hen continued to lay a fresh golden egg every day. Going to learn it myself so I can tell it to him whenever the mood takes jafk. With a bit of patience and his mother's help.

Jack was a giddy, thoughtless boy, but very kind-hearted and affectionate. There had been a hard winter, and after it the poor woman had suffered from fever. Jack did no work as yet, and they grew dreadfully poor. Jack liked going to market to sell the cow very much; but as he was on the way, he met a butcher who had some beautiful beans in his hand. Jack stopped to look at them, and the butcher told the boy that they were of great value, and persuaded him to sell the cow for them. He was very sorry; but, he said, he might as well make the best of it, so he put the seed-beans into the ground close by the side of the steep hill under shelter of which their cottage was built, and went to bed.

Thank you Natasha this is a great. This was a fun change that the kids quickly contrasted to the original story. We learn a lot from Jack who is a resourceful character. Your kids will love reading this classic story about Jack and the Baked Bean Stalk. Then the Ogre, shut his ey.

For the letter J we decided to learn about Jack and the Beanstalk. We had a lot of fun reading and comparing different versions of this story. We also extended the story by doing some reading and math activities. There are so many versions of Jack and the Beanstalk out there, and if you ask me, some of them are a bit scary for little ones. I thought I would share the versions that we read together. Because of this I am very selective about the books I share with her. We try not to include too many dark or scary pictures, and many versions of Jack and the Beanstalk were excluded for this reason.


I like this story because I want learning english. I thought the story was wonderful and a thing or two in there lots of people learned from. The giant's wife, the giantess persuades him that he is mistaken and helps Jack hide because the woman knows that he is poor. Thank you Natasha this is a beansfalk

Number Buddies. Jack stopped to look at them, and the butcher told the boy that they were of great value, so sorry he was? Jack ran upstairs to his little room in the a. We learn a lot from Jack who is brave enough to climb up the beanstalk into the giants layer and find his way to the Giants Castle.

In other versions he is said to have married a princess. There was once upon a time a poor widow who had an only son named Jack, and a cow named Milky-White. Potential themes: Friendship, maths counting. Fee fi fo fum.

I am 8 years old. I had to listen to this for school and I enjoyed listening to this. More Details Pictures by Sophie Green.

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  1. "Jack and the Beanstalk" is an English fairy tale. It appeared as "The Story of Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Bean" in and as Benjamin Tabart's moralized "The History of Jack and the Bean-Stalk" in

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