Take apart western digital mybook

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take apart western digital mybook

How to open wd portable drive - Google Документи

Well, of course not. In the external enclosure configuration, they have better shock resistance in transportation, and they have an extra year of warranty. Of course, it goes without saying, that if you take out a hard drive from its enclosure, you automatically lose any warranty on the unit. The serial numbers are coded specifically, and if the unit is returned with evidence of tampering, the warranty will be void. As a result, you really do have to make a decision to forego your warranty before even considering attempting this. It makes sense then, to stress test the drives and qualify them prior to this.
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Published 19.05.2019

Western Digital My Book Live Disassembly

Can a WD My Book be used as an internal HDD?

Third, remove the two screws holding the sata controller in place! There is a rubber mounting grommet and a piece of metal shaped like a spring. In most cases, the circuit board inside the enclosure is the cause of the failure and the drive itself is fine! Do not be stupid and leave the unit plugged in or plug it in during disassembly.

Second, did not get blue LED on front nor any spinning noise. It seems that the controler was no longer working, try this: thanks Fisslefink The onboard chipset memory of the MyBook Studio needed to be reset. Maybe in former firmware- versions of the MyBook that was possible - but that is history. If you do.

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"WD My Book Live" NAS Disassembly - How to open, take out Hard disk

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Search Advanced search…. Mounts-unmounts, where has the step six photo gone. Hey guys, I did something really dumb last night, no problems. By the way. Its hardly takw for high performance!

Create an account on Neowin to contribute and support the site. Hi all. My WD 2. I want to make the greenpower drive inside of it internal and on SATA 1. Is there any guides that can help me to safely get the drive out because Google had nothing for my drive, only the previous version as well as YouTube. What you are doing makes zero sense.


Anonymous said "Can't believe you guys are having so many problems with these WD drives. I tried to make it work again but with no results On most external drives the screws are hidden by the rubber feet it stands on so look under there for the screws, there have to be some somewhere. Hi i have the same problem as many of weatern.

It doesn't vibrate and the shock mounts on the inside are quite impressive. If anyone have a spare controllercard sitting on the hard drive for the hard drive it self, 0 66. Advice from Data recovery Expert is really care about mybool Desktop as a person do for your young children. Jul 15, I am more than interested cause I can't find the component anywhe.

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  1. Thanks in advance. It just didnt work for me. On service, - c. So yeah after finding this its now working as an internal, and I've got all my files back.

  2. First, use a flathead screwdriver to pry the mesh away from the cover (do not try to lift the cover up, you will just break things). Start to pry in the middle of the book and you should see two plastic snaps lift up, I put a razor blade between the snaps to prevent them from locking in again. Do this to both sides.

  3. Western Digital My Book – Opening the Case – Removing the Drive – Carlton Bale .com

  4. September 3, 0 66. Jul 15, a. The chip has to be identical between the external enclosures.

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