Handbook of discrete and combinatorial mathematics pdf

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handbook of discrete and combinatorial mathematics pdf

Graph theory discrete mathematics

In mathematics , and more specifically in graph theory , a graph is a structure amounting to a set of objects in which some pairs of the objects are in some sense "related". The objects correspond to mathematical abstractions called vertices also called nodes or points and each of the related pairs of vertices is called an edge also called link or line. Graphs are one of the objects of study in discrete mathematics. The edges may be directed or undirected. For example, if the vertices represent people at a party, and there is an edge between two people if they shake hands, then this graph is undirected because any person A can shake hands with a person B only if B also shakes hands with A. In contrast, if any edge from a person A to a person B corresponds to A owes money to B , then this graph is directed, because owing money is not necessarily reciprocated. The former type of graph is called an undirected graph while the latter type of graph is called a directed graph.
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Discrete Math 6.3.1 Permutations and Combinations

There are glossaries at the beginning of each chapter.

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E-raamatut saab lugeda ning alla laadida kuni 6'de seadmesse. E-raamatut ei saa lugeda Amazon Kindle's. Ignoreeri ja kuva leht. E-raamat: Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics. Edited by Kenneth H.

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