Bo interview questions and answers pdf

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bo interview questions and answers pdf

SAP Webi Interview Questions - Tutorialspoint

Then here in Wisdomjobs we provide some complete details about the SAP BO interview question and answers to clear the job in very first attempt. Along with the interview question and answers we also provided the various job roles that we can apply in SAP BO. Question 1. What Are Business Objects? Answer : Business Objects are basically called domain objects. A domain model shows a set of domain objects and explains how they related to each other. Hence a business model also will show a set of domain objects and will show the relationship between them.
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Top Business Objects Interview Questions And Answers

Report this Document. Hierarchical data is defined a data with Parent-child relationship and you can analyze the data at different levels of hierarchy. The data type for the merged objects must be the same. A report filter allows selected data to display pd a page and hides the other data!

There are three ways: The Master approach. How many breaks I can use on the report. Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume. Can We Have Multiple Domains.

Top Answers to Business Objects Interview Questions

I have touched all the main key points of SAP business objects. Answer: SAP Business Objects is a business intelligence tool that provides the combination of analysis, reporting and querying intended to find instant answers to the business-related questions and help management improve their decision-making process. Answer: I worked for a US-based health-care distributor who delivers pharmaceuticals to various retails and institutional providers across North America. Depending on the sales made, the company offers different kinds of rebates to its customers. Broadly speaking, the aim of our project was to build a rebate calculation application for the company through which we can calculate rebates accurately and present real-time state of the system to the business so that losses incurred on inaccurate rebate calculation are minimized and decision making can be improved by viewing more realistic reports.

Define Derived tables. Intervieew out the various kinds of methods related to multidimensional analysis that is inside business objects! What is a loop. Can we have a report with multiple data providers. Human Resources Skills.

Whats your role I am working as a developer where I am involved in creating reports using deski, webi, and creating universes and part of administration. Involved in deploying the xir3 environment 2. What is diff between xir2 and xir3 it is the same architecture. But they have clubbed all the servers into one server called BI server in xir3. In xir2 if you look at the central configuration manger the servers are mentioned individually.


It is stored in the form of a file. Answer : Sometimes the data provided may be from two different universes and the data in these two universes can be linked someway. Important Note : Webi is both a business user tool as well as a design tool.

How many are there in a basic setup. A one to many join, links to a table which respond with another one to many join links is called fan trap. Section breakup the data into multiple cells that are called Section headers and Each Section header contains a value for dimension and data corresponding to dimension value. Answer : The Data Services repository is a set of tables that holds user-created and predefined system objects, and transformation rules.

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  1. A domain model shows a set of domain objects and explains how they related to each other. What is the source for metrics. Answer : Data Services also allows you to create a database datastore using Memory as the Database type. Once the objects which is there intervirw the universe does not matches our requirement, then the user can create his own objects which is known as User objects.

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