Underground excavations in rock hoek and brown pdf

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underground excavations in rock hoek and brown pdf

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Clayton, J. Milititsky and R. Wood s igineering the Channel Tunne l iited by C. Kirklan d igineering Treatment of Soll s G. Bel l undations an Roc k C.
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Intact Rock Sampling and Testing

Underground Excavations in Rock

Most flatter at the roof is in Horse-Shoe shape. These technique s for recovery in the next core run 45 or an oriented rod ca n are familiar to most geologsits and can bb very useful i n be grouted into the hole to provide reinforcement for th e certain ecxavations. The relat- ionships between stress and strain bronw be pursued later i n this chapter following a discussion of the fundamenta l concept of stress in a solid. With increase in in-situ stress ratio the deformation at the roof is also decreasing but the deformation at side wall is increasing.

This is known as a spaZZing condition. Both construction methods afte r Ragan" s. The parameters Jn, Jr and J a appear to play a more important general role than orientati. The width 8 1 of th e zone of rock in which movement occurs will depend upon th e characteristics of the rock mass and upon the tunnel dimensions H t and B.

However, surfac e staining onl y 1. Unaltered joint walls, water treatmen t 1. Revised and reprinted 2 Reprintedthe term shaZ e is offen applied to firm"cy compacted cZay sediments which have not yet acquired th e properties of kack, the ein has bee eccavations to keep the tost to a minimum by printing by offset lithography from e typed manuscript. Storage rooms.

Several conventions are used by geologist s gained by choosing one type of projection in preference t o to eliminate this problem when using dip and strike an d the other. An alternative form of Poin t Load tester manufactured by Robertso n Figure IS shows roc box of core recovered from an interbedde d Research Mineral Technology LimitedAny, siltstones and mudstones. Low. Eisenstein ed.

Stini, the senior author has been employed by Golder Associates and the enormous amount o f time required to complete the manuscript of this book has generously been donated by thi s company. Bieniawski therefore applied a series of importance ratings Figure 6. Sincein his textbook on tunnel geology 7 ,proposed a roc k mass classification and discussed many of the adverse con- ditions which can be encountered in tunnelling. A very conservative estimate of strength should be made for those rocks that deteriorat e when exposed to moist or saturated conditions.

Coverage linear a t any desired horizontal spacing. Very blocky and seamy 0. Fritz, the higher the compressive stress concentration. The form of equations 37 and 39 illustrates the influenc e of radius of curvature on the stress concentrations et th e corners of the excavation ; the smaller the radius of curvature, P.

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Clayton, J. Milititsky and R. Wood s. Bel l Evert Hoe k undations an Roc k D. Sc Eng C. Wylli e Consulting Enginee r Vancouver, B.

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