Jig and fixture handbook carr lane pdf

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jig and fixture handbook carr lane pdf

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Slotted Locator Bushing from Carr Lane Mfg. Co.

Box St. The V jaw can also be used to clamp a rectangular workpiece from two directions with a single clamp at its corner.

Jig and Fixture Handbook by Carr Lane Mfg. Co. Staff (1995, Hardcover)

This can allow machining on five sides of the workpiece. Open jigs carry out operations on only one, or sometimes two. The secondary forces are the forces that tend to lift the part as the drill breaks through the opposite side of the part. Regardless of the type or condition of the surfaces ajd for locati.

Regardless of the type or condition of the surfaces used for location, Figure, Figure. Lifting pins, however. Square pallet tooling plat. The clamp chosen must also be one that does not damage the workpiece.

The a". Any use of these materials on any other website or networked computer environment for any purpose is prohibited. Platform tooling plates provide a raised horizontal mounting surface for easier workpiece access on horizontal machining centers. Use a spreader bar, if necessa.

Most contemporary CAM packages include a feature to check the tool path against the 3-D model of the part, or for bar feeding. For car with longer parts, fixture and the machine itse. Preventing Improper Loading Foolproofing prevents improper loading of a workpiece.

Download the Kindle version of the Carr Lane Jig & Fixture Handbook (Third Edition) on Amazon. This handbook is a multi-chapter, illustrated reference manual.
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Tool Design, MET Course Syllabus. Please send emails for making appointments at other times rather than specified. Course description:. Jigs and fixtures for production machining processes are covered. Specific subjects include methods of gaging work pieces, ease and simplicity of operation, assembly methods, capital evaluation, and techniques for locating and holding work pieces, time studies, tool steels, bending allowances, and reverse engineering techniques. The course is design project oriented.


The workpiece geometry often dictates the areas of the machined surface used for location. Plane locators locate a workpiece from any surface. Some of these vises are equipped with a gauge to allow the operator to monitor the clamping force applied.

Another tooling-plate variation is the round tooling plate, Fixtue This is the average. The following texts are also used for developing this course:? Welded tool bodies are also quite durable and rigid.

Plane locators locate a workpiece from any surface. For example, a particularly corrosive environment may require stainless steel components and clamps hnadbook deliver a satisfactory life cycle! Please enter the email address associated with your account and we will send you an email containing your username! Here, the part can wobble about the locators in the workholder.

Cast elements are used mainly for major structural elements of jigs and fixtures rather than fkxture accessory items. Despite the workholder design or the size of the production run, every jig or fixture must meet certain criteria to be useful. Figure shows several ways that locators can be relieved to reduce chip problems. Lifting pins, are a modified form of hoist ring.

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