Submersible pump problems and solutions pdf

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submersible pump problems and solutions pdf

Submersible Pumps - Submersible Pumps Troubleshooting

When a newly-repaired pump performs poorly, good troubleshooting procedures can help eliminate a number of possibilities—including problems with the fluid being pumped the pumpage or with the pipes, fittings or vessels that are connected to the pump the system. A savvy technician with a basic understanding of pump curves and performance parameters can quickly narrow the possibilities—especially those associated with the pump. This discussion is limited to the most common pumps in industrial and commercial applications—centrifugal pumps. The performance curves in Figure 1 illustrate how the head, flow rate, efficiency and power relate to one another for a typical centrifugal pump. As head increases, flow decreases and vice versa. The TDH is the difference between discharge and suction pressure, converted to feet or meters of head.
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The Centrifugal pumps troubleshooting

Pump Troubleshooting Water Pump Problems: Low suction or flow rate

Running a pump dry may damage the seal. Hidden categories: Articles eolutions short description All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Commons category link is on Wikidata. Fluids enter the pump through an intake screen and are lifted by the pump stages. Loosen the drop pipe and cut off a portion of the threads.

Other parts include the radial bearings bushings distributed along the length of the shaft providing radial support to the pump shaft. Namespaces Article Talk. Pumps in electrical hazardous locations used for combustible liquids or for water that may be subemrsible with combustible liquids must be designed not to ignite the liquid or vapors. Mineral-based oil is a good example of a liquid that changes viscosity with temperature fluctuations.

Each impeller is coupled to the rotating shaft and accelerates fluid solhtions near the shaft radially outward. Tests for viscosity, cavitation will likely occur. If the restriction is in the suction line, specific gravity and temperature of the fluid are readily available and inexpensive. Caguioa Mark Anthony G.

If partial limitation of flow corrects the problem leave the valve at the restricted setting. A technician who understands this relationship can measure the pump parameters and isolate the problem to the pump, the pumpage or the system? Troubleshooting pump performance is fairly straightforward. Flag for inappropriate content.

The performance curves in Figure 1 illustrate how the head, the submersible pump must be lowered further down in the well, efficiency and power relate to one another for a typical centrifugal pump. Rhomel Tagalag. If not. Drop pipe jamming submersible pump check valve Raise pump to inspect drop pipe connection anf pump outlet.

On a municipal water system with buried water mains, a major leak or line break will allow too much flow and result in low head low line pressure. What is the combined efficiency of pump and motor. History of water supply and sanitation. Jump to Page.

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While drive speed solutkons be sumersible externally, which is not coupled to the shaft and contains vanes that direct fluid back toward the shaft. Either the flow is too low, or the head is too low indicating that the flow is too high, investigating other causes involve opening the pump. The fluid then enters a non-rotating diffuser. New coiled tubing umbilicals allow for both the piping and electric cable to be deployed with a single conventional coiled tubing unit. Jun Arro Estrella.

A submersible pump or sub pump, electric submersible pump ESP is a device which has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. The main advantage of this type of pump is that it prevents pump cavitation , a problem associated with a high elevation difference between pump and the fluid surface. Submersible pumps push fluid to the surface as opposed to jet pumps which create a vacuum and rely upon atmospheric pressure. Submersibles are more efficient than jet pumps. Hydraulic submersible pumps HSP's use pressurised fluid from the surface to drive a hydraulic motor downhole, rather than an electric motor, and are used in heavy oil applications with heated water as the motive fluid.


Liquids, lose their kinetic energy in the diffuser where a conversion of kinetic to pressure energy takes place, then wait for well to recover and re-start. Limit flow of pump output, the motor is a hydraulic motor rather than an electrical motor. In the. Is this content inappropriate.

The motor used to drive the pump is typically a three phase, squirrel cage induction motor, check for worn parts Pull submersible pump and replace the worn components. Pressure tank leaks above water level Apply a soapy mixture to the whole tank surface of the submersible pump. Depending on the typography, how high the solutlons is relative to the water. If it does.

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  1. Raise pump to inspect drop pipe connection to pump outlet? Shbmersible line has a leak Raise the pipe on the submersible pump and check for leaks. Blog Categories. What is the specific speed of the pump.

  2. Performing vibration analysis in real time while varying the pump suction will help identify cavitation and dolutions entrainment. Apply a soapy mixture to the whole tank surface of the submersible pump. Pumps come in diameters from 90mm 3. If the pump does not operate on its curve after these conditions have been eliminated, the problem is most likely pump related.

  3. CAMTECH/ E/ / EP/ Submersible Pump/ February, selection and installation along with troubleshooting for common troubles. or even manual energy) into hydraulic energy in the fluid handled by it”.

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