Ethics integrity and aptitude by g subba rao pdf

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ethics integrity and aptitude by g subba rao pdf

G. Subba Rao (Author of Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude English for Civil Services Examination)

Paper 4 is perhaps the most generic portion of the whole general studies syllabus. It consists of topics like happiness, emotional intelligence, aptitude towards services and even behaviour studies which can easily be answered in a general viewpoint. Hence, the following book list and sources will always help to attempt the questions more accurately. IGNOU Study Material for Ethics Course: This material is designed for students who are totally new to the subject matter of ethics but since it contains the fundaments of ethics and integrity, it holds importance. Moreover, it helps to develop an individualistic concern on each ethical issue independently as it contains challenging and engaging questions at the end of each chapter. It can progressively be used to answer some basic questions like what is ethics and how it influences the ambience around the globe. This is of great help to solve case studies as it widens the range of thinking and perceiving situations.
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GS-4 Answer Writing Session

Special Series for better understanding of Ethics — Part I.

GS 4 Books for IAS Mains General Studies 4 (Paper 5): As per Syllabus

Aptihude, but always ensure high standards of quality. Since all these topics can have so many dimensions, first refer to the detailed syllabus mindmaps to understand the above in detail? We write simple, Karnataka-cadre HAS officer was to approve the dismissal of a lady typist on the grounds of unruly behavior by her against her colleagues. He has given several good examples that will help you understand the practical applications and case studies.

And this is the point when your fate is locked by the examiner. Download Now. Let your solutions try to balance conflicting options, as much as possible. The above will cover theoretical aspect of the exam.

Abdul Kalam sir was the project head. We knew lying was bad, stealing was even worse and hurting someone was an open rrao to punishment by our parents or teachers. Should girls be allowed to wear short clothes. Self-Assessment test questions are provided Glossary of terms.

We think our smart generation must act smartly. We knew certain things for itegrity those days. We will be recommending very few, but to sharpen your thinking and writing style. The answers to these questions flow from two different parts of your body-mind and soul.

Step 4: Track and note ethical issues in news Keep an eye on latest developments in India and World on ethical issues; make a note of them; and write your personal viewpoint on them. Ethics in Public Administration - Patrick Sheeran 3. The mindmap is only indicative, not exhaustive. Instead of mugging up their ideas and philosophy try understanding the context of their contributions; and their significance for present day world.

Defend your thoughts and at the same time be receptive to criticism as well. Abdul Kalam sir was the project head. Follow us. So, we will start with the ste.

Having established itself as the leader in its domain; the present edition is an upgraded version. Apart from this, it has all the literal and application meaning for all the words that are subtly related but explicitly different. It could also be useful for general reading for anyone interested in knowing about all that is good for human existence.
love is a bonus book

August, 2019

But I would not recommend this strategy. Ethics by some D. Subbarao I don't remember the exact name : Not much useful but covers almost all topics. The above will cover theoretical aspect of the exam. The only way to do well in this section is too give as many mock tests as possible. One good test series is by Vision IAS which you can give online. Ethics is not a technical subject which requires you to read a lot and then remember theories, features, thinkers and other subjective information.


Unlike other papers, one has to relate ethical concepts to real life situations. The candidates must give relevant, meaningful and succinct answers. Only an overview of the sources mentioned below will do. Neither Aristotle nor Plato f to your rescue.

Questions in ethics may be very much unpredictable. So simple was life and its principles. India a comprehensive geography by Khullar. Ethics integrity and aptitude by Subbarao is fantastic book among other available books and explained with case studies too, blindly you can go for it….

I would say, try to balance both. All the philosophers and their teachings are blown away by the series of questions posed by UPSC! This kind of scenarios have to be created in exam hall depending upon the nature of the question. This is the basic foundation work that you have to do.

Children of that engineer once asked sjbba father to take them to an exhibition in the evening. The Constitution Of India by P. If you have made a note of them, you can even quote them as examples in your answers? Review needed for Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude P.

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  1. Candidates can score high in this paper if one is familiar with the concepts and case studies. In this post, we discuss the most-read books by IAS aspirants for studying ethics paper. Links are also provided to buy books online at discounted prices. Lexicon provides objective keys to solve the Case Study Questions. ❣

  2. All this shall not take much of your time. The mindmap is only indicative, and their utilities and application in administration and governance. Emotional intelligence-concepts, not exhaustive. That will cover a major portion.🤩

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