Castles and crusades monsters & treasure pdf

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castles and crusades monsters & treasure pdf

RPG - Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasures by Stephen Chenault — Kickstarter

All Rights Reserved. U pon wind-swept battlefields, they seek their glory. With weapons of steel, stout shields, and sorcery, they drive ever onward, seeking the grandeur of conflict with creatures of terrible wrath or beasts of legend. In all hours of every day, they gird themselves for war and struggle, to drive those evil beings of foul intent to doom and oblivion. But before glory can be obtained, before fame and riches can be won by these heroes of renown, they must face and overcome those that would oppose them - monsters.
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Castles and Crusades - Book of Familiars - Dwarven Tavern Review

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Castles and Crusades - Monsters and Treasures of Aihrde - Dwarven Tavern Review

Mine for example only has 4 potions listed in that section and 1 wand in that section. Hi John, I've both the Monsters and Treasure. It seems to lack content at first view, but is identical in content and only ment as example on how to create potions, wands and such, which is described in the manual as well. I would have liked it to be similar than within the 1st Ed. Wizards of the Coast once had the 1st Ed. It was just a poorly scanned PDF with full page graphics instead of words you could select and search for, maybe this is the reason why they removed it.


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Mental attributes are intelligence, wisdom. Giants combat often and with grave determination. The entrances to their dens. When a creature is unfortunate enough to walk above or near the frost maws.

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