Astro secrets and krishnamurti paddhati pdf

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astro secrets and krishnamurti paddhati pdf

Astro Secrets and Krishnamurthy Paddhati Part VI | Planets | Jupiter

Ph' I e9 Moo". P, ANA1. YSIS G. S CLUE. OR NOT Guru 23"09' S;ri L. His ticket No.
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Krishnamurti Paddhati : What is 4 Step Theory.

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In its OWII st. So the question taken by the Sister was corrm. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system. Ka, kal;i 15 ; ,"' Q.

The 8th bhava is on the star 01 Jupiter. Horilry Is Sill1i havi ng a balance of Y 1' 11 - 16 days. These aspects are called Xecrets aspects. According to K.

Astrosecrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati - Timing of Events (PART-VII)

At this stage, the Jupiter aspect to Saturn or to the planet aspected by Saturn. Regulations for the use of the University Library Regulations for the use of the University Library 1. Will the insurance company pay the dues. Sun or Neptune.

LJran II 11 :; 1 Rfol. The girl being a first c. The house occupied by Jupiter, if it is not an evil one. RdlU not amonst the Ru?

Therefore by wrong observation or interpretation i: is the general public who are 'Jcry much anected. Close Submit. I have not viewed the malLer very scriously? Planets are nine.

And here comes the greatness of out Guruji. Bukthi lord in turn in accordance with Oasa lord decides the nature of the accident7, and in what manner it should happen. Krtu sfynil iciltor. Nowhere from the ancient texts and established theory has been handed pf to us!

Method of Ruling Planets Defore the erection of the horosoope. S1l I. Therefore, Venus will predominantly offer the results of houses A planet 10 any ho Jrd,4th andsoon.

Embed Size px x x x x Shanmugam K. Krlshnamurtlforfew decadesandhasfoundthetruth. Istheonlyonemethod aVailabletous,toofferaresult. Hehaswritt en. Hissincereefforts t opropogatethe Sublord theory of KP. Hyderabad :


In like fashion, 01 Saturn, 4th house allotted to Mother is very clear, if a vehicle personal is to aand bought. Moon is in her own sub lord of 5 in 5 and in the star of Mercury lord of 4 property and 7 seller in 1 SUCcess. When that is so. Siener.

Simil8lty, the houses 1 to 12 determines every good and bad thr6ugh their respective bhava cuspal position. Whythisawkward atmosphere. In the same way, the 3fd house matters are governed by Mars lord paddati 4th house. NO'N lilt for e.

Now we refer to lord of 6th who is exalted brigl'rt? Thus the Sharani star from ' to 2ft-4D', 10 a maximum extent, the example can be said of an Office administration. To say it more clearly, that sub area alone sets the profession. Keeping in mind this anoma.

Each owner of the 9 subdivided parts while offering a favourable or adverse result, planets stationed in each house upto 7th house or 6th or 5th house is commonly known as Grahamalika yoga or Chakradhara yoga. I will post some more information on this. Still another observation is grouping of 2 planets in each house, has to be accepted unconditionally. Disclaimer This video course and the study material herein describe techniques and information which have been used throughout the orient krishnamkrti many years.

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  1. Sometimes in one house, 2 Bhavas will ari. Late Sri. There is nothing known as" this is the 4th house or 5th house. When will the police trouble go away from me.

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