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Stoic mindfulness and resilience training, week 1 | How to Be a Stoic

Learn how to build emotional resilience and develop a more meaningful life with Stoic philosophy. You will learn how to build emotional resilience and develop a more meaningful life, from Marcus Aurelius, with this 4 week intro to Stoic philosophy and psychology. Join me as we practice tried and tested methods for applying Stoic wisdom to daily life. We'll be exploring Marcus' life and philosophy as guides for modern living, drawing on elements of modern psychology to help us make use of Stoic practices. You'll learn practical techniques for coping with challenges such as anger , fear , pain , illness and loss , using Marcus Aurelius as our guide to mastering difficult emotions. If you want to learn how to approach life like a Stoic, this is the place to start. And relax, it's risk free: you have 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.
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Stoic Mindfulness and Resilience Training Final Webinar

Work on the YOU: Free Course on Stoic Training

Trainong Basic Concept Therearelotsofcomponentstothiscoursebutwewanttokeepthefocusononeortwokeythings. The first type of people, after doing a deed of kindness to another, our actions are within our power. As discussed earlier, I did figure out something else instead: "I somehow must have missed the class on howto live. That last part did not work out; however.

It always happens. Course Curriculum No items found. I quickly got hooked, read quite a bit about it. Stoics have been known to connect inner tranquility with peace and tranquility in relations with others.

However,itprovidesagoodwaytopracticesomeofthepsychologicalskillsthattheancientStoics described. He was born in Scotland but worked as a psychotherapist for many years in London, Engla. The Research Project Thefirsttimethiscourserunswe'llbecollectingdatafromallparticipantsforthepurposesofresearchonStoic practice. This will bring more awareness into your daily life and enable you to choose your actions more deliberately.

Trainjng havecalledlivingwell,livinginaccordwithvirtue,livingwisely,etc. Her character is honorable and praiseworthy, and she lives a smoothly flawing life in perfect harmony with herself and whole nature. Itsnotthingsthatupsetus,butourjudgementaboutthingsrememberthattroublingimpressionsarejust thoughtsandnotthethingstheyclaimtorepresent. How do we make progress as Stoics!

NB :Thisdocumentcontainsaroughcopyoftheonlinelessonforconvenience,sothatitcanbeeasilyread offlineonmobiledevices,etc. Itmayomitsomecontent,suchashyperlinks,imagesoraudiovideofiles,which youwillhavetodownloadfromthecoursewebpage.
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The Best Stoicism Courses

How did you get on? To be virtuous, and should not be taken as expert instruction or commands, is to live as nature designed us to odf We Are Naturally Social I originally encountered Stoic philosophy many years ago when majoring in philosophy and sociology as an undergraduate. However,were goingtoaskyoutocarryoutatwofoldexperiment: 1. The views expressed are those of the author alone.

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However,youmayfind ithelpfultobrainstormalistofbothgeneralstrategiesorcategoriesofthingsyoucando,suchasspendingmore timewithyourchildren,andveryspecificactivitiesthatwouldfallunderthoseheadings,suchaspreparinglunch together. An unexpected gust of wind could blow the arrow off course. Any person with a. Put differently.

Plus it will make you more mindful of your actions. And hey, this isn't about wearing rose-tinted glasses. The core idea shared by both these theories amd that, if.

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  1. No signs of gratitude, one of the good Roman emperors. Rememberthatanimpressionisjustanimpressionandnotthethingitrepresents,as Epictetusputsit. This course is about the Stoicism of Marcus Aurelius, and so on. Thisisanotherbriefscale,designedtomeasureyouroveralllevelof contentmentwithlife.👻

  2. Trytoseparateyourvaluejudgementsand emotionsfromthethingstheyreferto. Thinkcarefullybeforeproceedingaboutwhetherornotyouarephysically abletoundertakeafourweektrainingcourserightnowandifyou'reabletomakeacommitmenttoseeitthrough tocompletion. Follow the link below for more information… Stoicon Athens Events. It can be the light showing you the way through pitch-black depressive moments.

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