Rainbow and the worm pdf

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rainbow and the worm pdf

The rainbow and the worm

Ho has been criticized for embracing pseudoscience. Ho received a Ph. Ho died of cancer in March Ho was a co-founder and director of the Institute of Science in Society ISIS , an interest group which published fringe articles about climate change, GMOs, homeopathy , traditional Chinese medicine, and water memory. In reviewing the organisation, David Colquhoun accused the ISIS of promoting pseudoscience and specifically criticised Ho's understanding of homeopathy. The institute is on the Quackwatch list of questionable organizations.
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The rainbow and the worm

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What is life? Many have asked this question, and no definitive answer is yet widely accepted. Is life something truly distinct from non-living stuff, as many dualists have suggested for millennia? Or is life about certain types of organization, metabolism, reproduction, goal-oriented behavior? None of these answers have yet won the debate. There is, however, an intriguing new set of ideas that have been developed by Mae-Wan Ho, a biophysicist and science activist as she calls herself based in London. I highly recommend Ho's books to anyone interested in cutting-edge biology or biophysics, or anyone interested in related philosophical issues.


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