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22 X 3.08
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Who - All skill levels can ride and enjoy the Lost Party Crasher. This board will most certainly give anyone an advantage in the lineup but it will especially give an advantage to beginner and intermediate surfers looking to navigate the lineup with ease. Anyone wanting to make it easier to hit your wave quota will love this model. Fans of the Crowd Killer or Smooth Operator will enjoy this squashed down version finding it even more reliable, faster, and maneuverable in average conditions. If you want a board that will function like a mid-length without the disadvantage of adding 10-14 inches to your board, this is the board for you. THe Party Crasher is an everyday board made for maximum fun. 

When - The Lost Party Crasher will excel in subpar wave conditions but will handle surf up to several feet overhead, or up to most people’s comfort level. The generous tail rocker allows it to fit into tight pockets and perform outrageously well in average broken up beach breaks that many of us see at our home breaks. The deep concave adds lift allowing for more speed in the smaller surf as well. Having a shorter nose with less rocker and carrying more width forward, provides you the extra glide and paddle power in these average conditions, giving you an advantage in overcrowded line ups that we dread. 

What - TheLost Party Crasher is a shorter, higher volume spin off of from the ever so popular Crowd Killer. The board features performance and maneuverability of …Lost Surfboards famous shorter hybrids like the Puddle Jumper series while including the perks of the Mayhem Mid-Lengths. The Party Crasher was designed to bridge this considerable size gap.  The board is supposed to be ridden 4”- 8” shorter than a Crowd Killer/Smooth Operator, or 4”-8” longer than our range of Puddle Jumper styles, short Hybrids, but with similar width and thickness to all.

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San Clemente (OG)

1755 N El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA 92672

San Clemente Downtown

124 S. El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA 92672

Melbourne Beach

209 Ocean Ave
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

Orlando (UCF)

12250 Strategy Blvd Suite 425
Orlando, FL 32817

Cocoa Beach

109 N Orlando Ave
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931